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GLS Event Schedule page will hereafter include only GLS events, namely the Sectional Circuit events, Sectional Qualifier, and RYC events. All of the schedule posting action seems to have moved to AskFRED - why fight it?

An article by GLS Chair Joseph Streb on the importance of hiring qualified officials.

Minutes from the 2012-2013 Sectional Meeting are here.

Newsletter, November 2012

Sectional Circuit Results for 2010-2011 are posted.

Referee Training material Blade Control Primer by Joseph S Streb.

Former GLS Secretary David Leighton explains the Sectional Circuit factors used in computing the Sectional Circuit Results.

The Poetry Corner, featuring a series of poems about fencing by Ralph Goldstein, apparently written about the time that electric scoring was first coming into use.  The Epeeman takes a light hearted but rather biased look at the two types of fencers - Epeemen and Everyone Else. Thanks to Kim Rahl for identifying the author and providing the 4th poem.

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Last updated 02 August 2013
Photos by Roland Andes, used with permission.

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