United States Fencing Association

Equipment Inventory


Last update:    31 August 2009

What Quantity Make Where Remarks
Scoring Boxes        
  1 St. George 3 Weapon DSFC Old timing
  4 Favero DSFC DSFC also owns one one Favero box.
One additional Favero box has been removed from service - for parts use only
  2 Eigertek DSFC  
  2? Eigertek ????? Location?
  1 Triplette DSFC  
  4 Favero batteries DSFC  
Floor Cords        
  14 Various DSFC  
  2 Various Royal Arts  
  2? Uhlmann (?) Royal Arts  
  8 Uhlmann DSFC  
  4 Favero DSFC DSFC owns 2 reels
  4 modular DSFC  
  1 modular

Royal Arts

  3 copper DSFC 2 are in poor condition
  some torn scraps & pieces DSFC  
  2 Mask punch DSFC  
  12? Stop watches DSFC  
  7 Shims DSFC  
  11? Clipboards DSFC  
  2? Extension Cords DSFC  
  1 Laptop Computer DSFC Win95. DSFC has a newer desktop
  1 Laser Printer DSFC  
  10 Test Weights DSFC  
  9 ground cords for strips DSFC  
  1 Pencil sharpener, electric DSFC stripped gears - should be replaced

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